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P7.5 Indoor Transparent LED Display


1. Bring up to 75% transparency; it is great help for the day lighting and the view coming into the building.
2. Light weight and smaller footprint design; allow larger digital glass led media display installation.
3. No need installation of steel structure, the panel is directly stuck on the glass wall, it will save the cost of installation
4. Energy conservation and environment protection no need air condition or cooling system
5. Easy operation, any time you need to change the display content, just by the software
6. Widely application, our glass led display can be widely used in any glass wall building.

Technical Specification


Product Parameters


P7.5 x 8


Pixel Pitch(mm)

7.5 x 8


Module Resolution( dots)

64 x 32


Module Size(mm)

480 x 256








Type of led lamp



Cabinet Size(MM)

960 x 1024


Cabinet Resolution(dots)

128 x 128


Brightness (cd/)



Refresh Rate

≥ 1,600 Hertz


Power Consumption

815 W / 271W /