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Outdoor RGB Full Color P6 LED Module


1. Wide application field: advertising LED display, stadium perimeter LEDdisplay, mobile led display for mobile media, shopping mall LED display forlogo showing, bank & stock exchange LED display for rates showing, train& bus station, airport, telecommunication LED screen system for informationshowing and instruction, stage performances and so on.

2. High Contrast and Frequency: 4000:1 and 5000HZ, which is a very high levelto ensure a vivid image of our LED screen system.

3. Good quality LED chip: Supplied by Nichia, Cotcocree,Toyota,Silan.Optec,& other high strictly selected LED chip to ensure thelong life time and high brightness of our LED screen system.

4. Very high quality and Clear vivid image quality: even in direct, full-onsunlight to ensure you attracts more audience to get short ROI of your LEDscreen's investment.

5. High Brightness of LED Display: 7500-nit brightness(for outdoor fullcolor)(more than 2000 nits brightness for indoor full color) capacitythroughout product lifetime of the LED display.

6. Easy Installation & Using : easy & simple installation interface anduser friendly software to ensure the user friendly interface of the LED screensystem.

7. Convenient Servicing: Front or rear led display cabinet access make themaintains work very convenient and low cost to help you concentrate more timeand energy on your main marketing promotion business.

Technical Specification


Pixel configuration

DIP146 1R1G1B

LEDs configuration

Red: wave length: 625~630nm;1100-1300mcd 
Green: wave length: 525~530nm;1900-2400mcd 
Blue: wave length: 470~475nm;500-700mcd

Pixel pitch(mm)


Pixel density


Calibrated brightness

7500 nits(adjustable)

Calibrated brightness proportion ratio

R: G: B = 30%:60%:10%

Color temperature

3,500°---9,500° K(adjustable)

Contrast ratio


Brightness adjustment(dimming)

100 grade auto/manual-adjustment

View angle(degree)(50% brightness) 

Horizontal: 120° (60° off center); Vertical: 70° (+25°/-45° off center) 

Readability viewing angle

Horizontal: 150° (75° off center); Vertical: 90° (+35°/-55° off center) 

Color capability

4.4 trillion

Refresh rate(Hz)

>800 Hz

Frame frequency(Hz)

>60 Hz

Interface port

DVI interface(DVI connector)

Input signal

VGA, Video, AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT, VOB etc.

Protection grade

IP65 front side/IP54 backside

LED Drive 

Constant-current drive

Lifetime(hours)(50% brightness) 

100,000 hours 

Signal transmission direction


Operating temperature(Celsius degree)


Storage temperature(Celsius degree)


Operation humidity(RH)


Operation humidity(RH)



Front and back serving optional

Control mode

Synchronous & asynchronous available

Communication options

Wire Ethernet, Fiber Ethernet,RF wireless,GPRS


120/240 V  AC single phase(50-60Hz)

Maximum power consumption(W/SQM)


Average power consumption(W/SQM)


Screen operation mode(scan/static)


Module configuration(Pixels quantities of the module)





Module dimensions(mm)